Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of the upmost importance to us here at Doctors Hospital and Integra (DHI). We are dedicated to keeping patient, subscriber and all website visitors’ data and information safe and secure. Please view the information below, in line with legal requirements to learn about how we handle your data and what is collected.

Visitors to our website

After clicking onto our website, a third party will gather general information from internet logs and other basic information about your visit, for example, what webpage has been visited the most and how many people visit the site during a certain period of time. Please note that all information is anonymized and there is no point in time where we will try to seek out any particular individual who has visited our site. For more information and to see how cookies are utilised on our website, click here.

Information we may collect from you

  • Information provided from the forms you fill in
  • Information provided from using our online booking system
  • Information from a review or testimonial
  • If you get in touch with us, we may store a record of that conversation
  • Information about your visits to our website
  • We utilise the information and details (i.e. IP address) of the device used to visit the site or digital magazine to check for any possible cyber threats or fraudulent activity but more so to make upgrades and optimize Integra’s website through using the data collected to review areas of the website what individuals like to visit more or what it not visited as frequently. It enables our marketing team to review the information and evaluate where the marketing campaigns were more successful and where improvement may be needed.

Sensitive Personal Information

Sensitive personal data includes your gender, sexual orientation, religion and abilities to name but a few. In certain instances, such as including booking an appointment through the website or consulting on a medical issue with a member of our Integra team, information such as your gender, abilities or current illnesses may be collected from you. However, this is kept strictly confidential, being utilised by your medical provider to be able to offer the best care for you.For those generally browsing the site and not booking any appointments, no sensitive personal information will be collected from you.

Disclosure of Your Personal Data

Information we have collected from you while browsing on Integra’s website is not disclosed to third parties a part from: situations in which we are obligated to provide certain personal data to be compliant with legal matters, to be in line with our terms and conditions, for the safety of our business, our patients or others. This is inclusive of reporting certain information or details to Cayman Islands Government organisations for the reason of protection from fraudulent activity and to lessen risk.

External links

Our privacy policy is not inclusive of any links on’s site that link to external sources. For information or question for those links, please view that website’s privacy policy.

Access to Your Personal Data & Information

You have a right to view the personal data and information we hold. If you have questions or concerns about our privacy policy, we ask you to please reach out:

Main Physical address:
The Grand Pavilion Commercial Centre,
802 West Bay Road

Or email:

Our privacy policy is continually reviewed to ensure the most up to date details are given. This privacy policy was last updated on 15 April 2023.