Midwifery Services

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Introduction to Midwifery Services

A midwife is a skilled professional who compassionately cares for childbearing people, babies and families across the continuum of pregnancy, birth, postpartum and the early days of parenthood. Our Midwifery Services in Cayman, led by our Registered Midwife Allie Campbell, offers support and unbiased and evidence-based information so that you can make informed decisions that are right for you and your baby.

Our Midwifery Services in Cayman

Pregnancy Complete Care in Cayman Islands

Antenatal Package

1-1 sessions to ease your fears and/or concerns of birth. Support to empower you and help create a positive birth experience.

34-36 weeks: Individualised private antenatal class: have a relaxed and in-depth discussion at home around realistic expectations of labour and birth.
36 weeks: Birth preferences: a 1-1 session to help write a clear personalized easy to read birth preferences sheet for your health professionals.

36-38 weeks: Colostrum harvesting and antenatal breastfeeding/chest-feeding education: a step-by-step guide and hands on help to harvest your own colostrum.

Pregnancy Complete Care in Cayman Islands

Postnatal Package

A 1-1 session in hospital to help you get off to the best start possible with breastfeeding/ Allie provides assistance with positioning and latch.

Additional home visits include:

Help to overcome breastfeeding challenges
Customized feeding plans to increase tour own confidence
Identifying issues that might be affecting your baby’s ability to regulate themselves and sleep
Bath demos

Baby weigh in 

General wellbeing midwifery check for you and your baby
Pregnancy Complete Care in Cayman Islands

Infant Feeding Consult

Book a consultation to see Allie at Integra at Integra Grand Pavilion in Cayman or at home.

Allie can offer:

Help overcoming breast feeding challenges
Responsive feeding (bottle and breast)
Latch, attachment and positioning
Soothing, burping and handling your baby
Breast care and ways to avoid mastitis
Storing breast milk and formula-including sterilization and making up of bottles
Help to maximise milk production
Advice and help with bonding you baby
Pregnancy Complete Care in Cayman Islands

Low Risk Maternity Care

Book an appointment to see our Midwife, Allie if you think you are eligible for low-risk maternity care in Cayman. She will be your main care provider throughout your pregnancy journey and provide you with excellent, knowledgeable and compassionate care. Based on the UK NHS guidelines she will see you at appropriate time interval, assessing you and your baby’s health at every appointment. If any complications arise throughout your pregnancy, rest assured Allie works seamlessly our multidisciplinary team. The correct referral will be actioned immediately giving you the reassurance you need.

Meet our Midwife

We are genuinely passionate about pregnancy and ensuring a wonderful but safe pregnancy journey for all who put their trust in our team. So, let’s introduce that team.

Allie Campbell

Allie Campbell

Registered Midwife