Dr Madhavi Manoharan

Dr Madhavi Manoharan

Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist
Dr Madhavi Manoharan

Introduction to Madhavi

Dr Manoharan is an OBGYN in Cayman with 23 years’ experience, including over a decade at tertiary level, 7 years as consultant at the prestigious Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, a number of years as assistant professor of clinical obstetrics and gynaecology at the world-renowned Weil Cornell Medicine, in their Qatar campus, part of Cornell University, and is accredited & experienced in maternal-fetal medicine for high risk pregnancies.

Additionally, Dr Manoharan has a specialist interest in Fetal & Maternal medicine, including the management of twin pregnancies and those where fetal anomalies exist. She is formally certified to perform trans-abdominal and trans-vaginal scans for early pregnancy problems. She is an accomplished and experienced gynaecologist and fully accredited in colposcopy. Dr Manoharan is committed to a woman-centred, holistic approach where women are properly listened to, while being supported with safety-focused, evidence-based medicine.

OBGYN & Maternal-fetal Medicine Services in Cayman…

Pregnancy Complete Care in Cayman Islands

Obstetric Services

We provide comprehensive woman-centred obstetric care, with patient safety and shared decision making foremost.

Pre-conception advice
Antenatal care & midwife support
Preparation for & care in labour
Normal vaginal, instrument & caesarean births
Pregnancy Complete Care in Cayman Islands

High-Risk Obstetrics

Our service has the only OBGYN tertiary team including obstetrics, fetal-maternal medicine & tertiary neonatal care.

Twin & Triplet Births
Later Years Pregnancies
Previous Preterm & complex Birth
Genetic & Congential Issues
Underlying Maternal Conditions
Pregnancy Complete Care in Cayman Islands

Gynaecology services

Comprehensive, woman-centred, gynaecology, including screening, diagnostic and treatment services for the full breadth of conditions.

Menstrual and hormone disorders

Pelvic pain, ovarian cysts and fibroids

Menopause, prolapse and incontinence
Advanced laparoscopic & hysteroscopic surgery
Evaluation & referral for suspicious conditions
Pregnancy Complete Care in Cayman Islands

Paediatric & Adolescent Gynaecology Services

We provide a sensitive, sympathetic approach to girls and teenagers with a range of gynaecological problems.

Heavy or irregular periods
Pelvic pain and painful periods
Delayed or early puberty
Vulval problems
Contraceptive advice
Pregnancy Complete Care in Cayman Islands

Fetal Medicine

We provide a full holistic fertility service including assessment and advice, fertility diagnostics and ovulation induction services.

Investigation of both partners
Gynaecological scans
Tubal patency assessment
Laparoscopic and hysteroscopic procedures
Ovulation induction
Pregnancy Complete Care in Cayman Islands

Education, Training and Experience (Highlights)

10+ years as a tertiary consultant in obstetrics & gynaecology
7 years as a consultant in the highly prestigious Royal Free London Hospitals
Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
Examiner for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
Associate Professor Cornel University (Cornell Weil Qatar Campus)
Accredited in Colposcopy by The British Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology
Qualified in Adominal & Transvaginal Diagnostic Ultrasound